I observe, question, and absorb everything around me. I'm constantly learning and my insatiable curiosity fuels my work.

My creative energy branches into many facets, and I find myself constantly navigating two worlds--one of words and one of images. As a writer, I enjoy unleashing my imagination onto the page. My stories are informed by the careful observation of human interaction and an exploration of relationships and family dynamics.  As a designer and developer, I enjoy creating order and communicating information. I often utilize a minimalistic base while adding whimsy with colorful, pattern-driven elements.

I consider myself a value-driven person, and enjoy working with people and organizations that share a passion for education, art, and social impact.  

When I'm not coding or writing, you can find me biking around Chicago, drinking a hoppy beer with my husband, or running around the dog beach with our pup, Sadie.